Thursday, December 30, 2004


dang I'm gettin sloppy. Once upon a time I said that I would write in here everyday. Yeah well, such is life. I guess when you think about it I'd be like saying "hi... today was good... bye all" everyday until something actually ineteresting came up. So yeah... 'nuff said. Christmas was good. I got to spend the night at a buddies and go to church with him the next morning. Man what a shift. I have been Anglicanized for sure. I totally forgot what the service was like. I've been goin to Christ The Redeemer for like 5 years I guess and that kinda did me in. Throughout that I kinda replaced my baptist background with something new and quite different.
What else is new...? Saw Green Card tonight. Fun lil Depardieu flick besides the fact that its a kissing story. I mean for bein a hulk with a large nose hes a fun actor.
Hey... everyone checked out the new skin? I think its pretty snazzy. Say thanks to the the html skilled jaak... the one who knows way too much more than the joe. I mean seriously floks... its scary how html illiterate I am.
Ok gotta get goin. Night all

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Happy Christdaymasdersad...

Merry Christmas! I'm up at 12:32! ooohhh nickers... sleep

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Ok now...

hello everybody... how are you? My name is G.i and I kick.. umm... rear too. I write alot of stuff and I rap like... pooh.
Fiiiine... all done with that. Ok. I said I would have something to write about today and GUESS WHAT! I totally forgot. I think it had something to do with why I'm here... but I can't figure out wether I was going to talk about why I'm here on earth or why I'm writing. I'm pretty sure its about me writing here.
Ok here goes. Why does one start a blog? What is one intended to do with a blog? Further, what does one write on a blog?
Ok... one starts a blog... I don't know. I mean I don't know for sure. I suppose one could decide to start up a blog to empty their head or let off some steam. I've seen some blogs opened up for classes but mainly it seems that its just individuals. I mean when you take into account the meaning of blog (web log isn't it?) it kinda makes sense. You just record what you want to on a daily basis like Cap'n Kirk and the rest of the Star Trek folks. I guess that follows into the whole section on what you're supposed to do with a blog. Well duh... write in it. But what do you write? I suppose you could write anything. I believe that blogs in their original idea of usage could be used for anything. Wether a college student started a blog and wanted to discuss the issues of the war in Iraq or whether a Orange County Blonde (no offense ladies) wanted to talk about her social life with her boyfriend. So technically I believe that though there is right and wrong to many things there is no right or wrong to the use of blogs. You can write anything you want though if you write college level entries on the symbolical figures in Beowulf you might drown some people. Then again, if you write continually about your life with your boyfriend (or girlfriend for you guys) you might gag some others.
Ok... what else. I guess thats about it. We talked about what you can put in blogs, why blogs were made and why G.i can't rap... yet. Hey I mean everybodys gotta start somewhere. I'm sure Eminem stunk before he got big too. Some day I'll be the next Mike Shinoda and... yeah ok. Hey you never know. Ok, shutting up. Night

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

what to say

oh yeah... in addition to what I said about the tagboard thing add the fact that it limits what you say. I mean sheesh... yeah. So attention all, I'll be gettin one in a few days.
So I got to talkin to a guy bout blogs and he requested that I send him a link to my blog. While we were talkin bout that my mom mentioned that she wanted a link too. All I could think of was: oh my gosh... better hide some stuff quick. No just kidding I didn't say that... but Mr. Baender (the guy I was talkin to) told me to hide my plans for my nuclear weapons. I mean... I don't have plans for that but my Hackin 101 booklet is comming along quite nicely. YEAH OK.... just kidding about that too. I need to learn though.
Well thats about it. Actually I have more but I want to save that for tomorrow. I mean if I say everything today then I'll be outa stuff to say tomorrow. Gotta get goin on my campaign... later everyone.

Sunday, December 19, 2004


sorry bout this.... I've haven't done anything for like a week. Really sorry. Anyways.... I'm thouroughly perturbed at my campaigne. I guess I need to do it agian. So yeah.... mega kudos to whats his nose who commented last time. Umm yeah. Not much over here. Three cheers for Christmas break. I'm lovin it like more than mc donalds. Like.... way more. Anyways, once I get some time I'll totally comment on more peoples blogs. As for this tagboard thing, I'm not sure I like it. I mean... its kinda cool but I can't tell if I don't want the ads and am too lazy or I really don't like it. I dunno. Anywho, time to clear off. Over and out

Saturday, December 11, 2004


hey all
no I wasn't naked.... I was just in my pjs. Anyways, I'm gonna start commenting on blogs soon. Figured I should straighten out complications on the last post before having all these new people show up and be scared.

I'm back

Hi guys
So yes, as my two viewers most likely know, I was kicked off the computer for a week. Most unfortunate and I am sure I am scared for life. Ok that was a serious exageration, cause I feel no difference. So yeah, I tried uploading a pic onto my blog and I'm havin issues. I'm trying to get a pic from my computer and whenever I enter the C:\Documents and Settings\Figure Reborn blah blah blah it says I entered invalid characters. So I dunno. Jaak help me. But yeah I made my New Years resolution early and I decided... that its happening again. I will talk to way more than 5 people this time. This time I'm goin big. It starts tonight... or whenever I put my clothes on....

Saturday, December 04, 2004

please work....

hi guys
umm.... I was going to stick a post up yesterday, but my internet has this funny habit of not working whenever I need it. So... I typed this all up and my internet ate it and then spit it back out at me as a "could not find this page" blah blah blah. Anyways, not much happening on this end. Between now and that last post I met Joanna, a buddy of Jaaks. Seriously, she sounds like one cool chick er.... But she wants to come to St. Andrews! Its so cool! Not like she will but she wants to. But yeah. Umm.... finals next week. Not exactly lookin forward to them but I don't have the biggest problem with them. Dang, I gotta get to work. Today I wanna go hang out with the gang but I gotta go do some stuff to make that happen. Crudfully yours

Friday, December 03, 2004


alright now... its been over a week and I still look to see if I got any comments on a new blog. Its like I expect my second self to put stuff up and other people to comment fully for my pleasure. But no... I must update my blog. What has happened recently... umm... finals are next week. That will be fun (dude.. sarcasim). Met miss Joanna of Minnesota. She seems like a cool chick. And guess what! She wants to come to the special school! It is so cool... now I'm just scared that I'm gonna say somethin and she'll loose all interest. Wel whats there to tell. I told her the number of students (15... she kinda was taken back by that), told her the hw sitiation, told her bout the uniforms, told her it was anglican... anything I'm missing? Anyways... I gotta go... its 11:00 am and I got up a half hour ago: NOT A GOOD START TO A PRODUCTIVE DAY! Anywho... must go eat. Bye bye
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