Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Man... Moments I've Had

"Joe your zippers down"
Hearts thumped in front of the Stockton Costco as Joe threw his head down to look at the damage. Of all places... Costco. The megaplace. The place that is crowded on a monday at noon. Some people just don't have enough work to do you know. Anyways. Joes cool-o-meter dropped so fast that it wasn't even funny. He pondered the long term effects. The cute girl at the door.... the rest of the people surrounding him.... would this situation effect his job? Thoughts were swirling. Most would tell themselves to get a grip right about now. Not Joe... Joe felt the blood rush to his face. How could he handle this. He was in front of a door. There was no where to hide. Would he slink off on his stomach? That would cover the area but expose him to more looks. He could look like a gangsta... huch over alot. Neither of those would do and trying to point out the goodyear blimp in the urban skyline was highly improbable. And I say this because I saw it take off. Anyways... action was inevitable and stealth was nessecary. Joe slowly reached down and quickly zippered up again. Muttering thanks because it didn't catch, he slid over to a bench. Still thinking on what just happened... he tried to avoid contact from others. Man...

So yeah... theres a story. Sorry it took me so long to get it up. What with annoyed parents and all... I got kicked off alot. We had alot of emberrasing moments on this trip. What with my zipper... my falling into the door in an effort to be polite... and mando walking into the womens bathroom... I think the trip was successfull.

Enter the womens bathroom story. So we're at Sizzlers. Mando gets up to go to the bathroom and everything is running fine. He comes back and says: " Woah... I just totally went into the womens bathroom". Profound statement... anyway the story is that he missed to 'wo' in the womens sign. So I guess he went in there and was all "why is it so clean in here and where are the urinals?" Then it dawned on him that he was in the womens bathroom. See when this happens... usually (for guys) if you walk in the girls bathroom there are a bunch of girls. Well there was nobody there. Then he was faced with a problem. "Should I just go in here or go to the mens room?" "I'm gonna look like such a freakazoid if somebody walks in here and sees me like this." "I'm just standing here pondering what to do." I forget what eventuall happened... I think he went to the mens room. But it was pretty funny.

Ok... sorry this one has been pretty full of guy humor.... hope it doesn't get banned or nothing. I guess the worst thing that could happen would be like an email from bolgger sayin that this was banned due to crude humor blah blah blah. I dunno... maybe I'm overestimating. Alright... good night all

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

back now

so yeah... I'm back. About 10 days ago we found out that my cousin was killed in a car accident. Last Thursday we left spontaneously to go down for the service. It was pretty cool... except for the sobering fact of why we were there. Got to hang out with my sister and brother-in-law in Long Beach and had a good time there. I tried to type this all up last night but the internet was slow and the page wouldn't load so I lost it. Oh well.... Its too early and I don't have enough time to write my story so that will have to wait till tonight. Gotta go get ready for school. Later

Sunday, November 14, 2004

"Goldies last day..."

Ok... anyone who has not heard that song needs to. Its "Goldies Last Day" by PFR. I mean... they were groundbreakers in Christian rock and plus their music isn't bad. I mean their like one of the few early 90's bands that I like.
Anyways... the reason I brought that up is because my dog died. Exactly a week ago she went missing and we couldn't find her (cause she was missing). Then yesterday I was goin down to our barns to feed our unlaying chickens (need to kill them...), and I head howling. I followed it and met a bear. A big grizzly bear. And I said to myself "self... what the heck is a grizzly bear doing in Northern CA?". Yeah ok... I made that up. I didn't meat a bear. So I found Nell... she was breathing hard and she couldn't move the back half of her body. She just looked at me. A wet mass of unmoving dog. So I ran down to the barns where my dad and Mr. Baender were and told them I found her. They found a board like thing that worked as a transport thingy and they put her in the back of the truck. They took her to the vet in Chester (which is a half hour away... the vet nearest us was temporarily unavailable for emergencies... figures huh?). So I cleaned up and went to a party that I was planning to go to... i.e. I didn't go to a party cause my dog got hurt. When I got back they said they had to put her down cause she got hit by a car or something. The vet said that they go to their favorite spots after they git hit by a car or anything so apparently Nell wen't to the deck where we found her. See a few years back we moved our mobil home to a new spot on our property where we put it on a new foundation. Since then we've done remodels and such so you can't tell that it was a mobil home. The point being that the back deck is still down at our old site. Nell liked to hang out down there to escape the heat or sun or whatever. The claws on one of her front paws were worn down so the vet thought that she got hit and then dragged (right word?) herself some hundred+ feet up to the deck. Then she just laid there waiting for us to come. What gets me is that she would''ve had to drag herself over the driveway where we drive over everyday. Its wierd... So yeah... now shes gone. Its not that bad since after abotu 3-4 days after she was missing we kinda thinking she got eaten by a mountain lion (no joke) or something. So we already figured she was dead but I guess my dad and Mr. Baender were hit pretty hard.
Umm thats about it. Nothing much goin on. Chico was good... except that I fell over in the parking lot at Costco. I laughed even though I twisted my ankle and I hurt my butt. It was really stoopid.... I mean you know... when you're done with your cart you stick it in the way of another car I mean... *doh*. No thats not what you do... that might be what I do but thats not what you're supposed to do. You stick it in the bushes right? Or in one of those gathering places or somewhere outa the way. So I accelerated my bad ass ('scuse me) cart and I jumped on the back. Then I popped a wheelie... kinda... so the front went up and I could get it over the burm. Only thing is when I put my foot down I twisted it or something so I fell over. Luckily it was like at 5 PM and there weren't many people in that area of the parking lot. So yeah... yesterday at this party thing my team won. If you talk to whitetanktops (a.k.a. mandy) she'll say that "the hippos" won. But me and Jakk say we won. Yeah ok... we lost. But we placed second. And we got snazzy bowties that somebody said were really tissues tied up. I don't believe 'em to tell the truth... yeah ok. They WERE tissues... but I think they look good as bowties. What else what else... I guess thats it. Later gang

Thursday, November 11, 2004

I feel a musical moment comming on...

"Its been a while... since I..." wrote in my blog. Good song. For all those who are lost, its "Its Been A While" by Staind. You might have to get it edited though. Whats-his-nose, the lead singer, can get pretty dirty. Anyways... bunch of nothing goin on. Midterms has come and gone. Report cards have come and gone. I got like a B average... try to bring that up. Minly cause I got a C+ in Physics and a C in Greek I think. And you ask... why the billy would someone learn Greek as a main language at school? Mainly cause... I'm not sure. I think it has to do with the whole "Truth, Beauty and Goodness" issue. Being a Christian school we got alot of our rules and stuff reflecting biblical values and whatnot. So it says in the New Testament that we should seek after the true, the good and the beautiful. So a main reason that we learn alot of the stuff that we do is because it is either forgotten and/or not taught in public schools or cause it reflects truth, beauty and goodness. Now don't think I'm bashing public schools. Most of my friends go there. Why the billy am I saying that? My public school friends are the ones reading this. My read-other-peoples-blogs thing has died out so its just gonna be my public school friends reading this. Yeah ok... the revolution was nice while it lasted. Maybe its time for me to start again. I was doing good. Need to get more guys next time. I got like 6 girls and 1 guy. Pathetic... I don't need girls... need to meet more guys. Too many girls known already. Ok... can you say bunny trail? So yeah... we just went from my life to my grades to my school to my girl problems. Wow. At least I filled up space... I mean thats what this is for right? What do you mean no? Ok... I gotta go to Chico tomorrow and I'm leavin at 7 so I need to hit the sack. Good night world.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Bush won! woo hoo! alright!... but um... ya'll ain't cheering... yeah ok. So I'm happy... hope you guys are too. Night
The Creator