Thursday, March 31, 2005

I'm not dead yet!!

hi guys
yeah yeah I know, its been a while. Alright, straight to business.


Now I'm not too terribly sure where to begin but I thought that this topic might give me more responses than my last one. No offense guys, but most of what I got were "wow you're smart"s. Lets kick it "down" a notch to degrade a perfectly good saying. I think that by stepping on a few toes I might be able to extract some thoughts from you guys. Please... if you get ticked off at me... tell me, don't shut up. I'd rather have angry people yelling at me than quiet people being angry at me.

Alright. After that brief intro, I'll get going. First off, I'm not a huge fan of feminism. Perhaps stating my blunt opinion first thing was not/is not the cleverest idea in the world, but this way you can see where I am comming from. I can't really attack this on anything but a religious background because, without a religious background, there is very little to fight feminism with. As a Christian, I have the Bible to look to when I need something to bat feminists over the head with. But, the catch is that if I am arguing with Amy Athiest (no offense to any Amys out there), she can hit me back over the head by saying that my rules don't apply to her because she doesn't believe in my religion. Or, she can turn around and point out that there were female rulers during the time of the judges.

So never mind. Religion is hard to deal with. So I got myself into female royalty. Never mind again thats not feminism. FEMINISM FIGHTS FOR THE EQUALITY OF SEXES. QUEENS AREN'T THE SAME AS EVERYONE ELSE. Case closed.

Basic biology: though there are many women who I am sure could punch my lights out, the female gender as a whole has been "weaker" than the male. The problem is that the males have gotten to be virtually females. That is why we have female clergy in the Church. The guys didn't step up and do their part so the women came and said that they could do the same thing virtually because THEY ACTUALLY COULD. Enough guy-bashing. Hard truth is: guys failed and the women took the opportunity.

Perhaps that is the reason for all of this. Our culture is segrigated into groups for guys: you have the skinny wimps, the skinny guys who can actually kick your behind, the buff mean guys, the buff guys who couldn't hurt a fly, the not-so-in-shape guys who think they're in shape... and the list goes on. The sad part is... I think I fall into that last category...hmm. Enough of that. The point is, men aren't trained like they used to be. Our culture has degraded the genders so that we really are equal. I don't think that feminist activists really had to do much. If things went the way they did without all the protests, we'd probably be in the same spot.

So all this to say, its not really the women that are power-seeking respect-snatching plane-welding bologne sandwich-eating... nice people, its the guys that have not been up to par. There really isn't any reason to hold back here, its not like opening the door for a lady. Guys don't need to worry about letting women go first when it comes to doing a job. We (I say we cause I'm a guy) still need to be polite and respectful to women, but at the same time we need to hold our ground. Guys need to be honorable, not the way our culture sees it, but according to a higher standard, and hold the heirarchy which God has ordained.

But there I go again... bringing religion in. Perhaps I should have addressed it to "Christian males" and bring religion in all the way. Alright: Christian guys!! Don't be wimpy!! Stand strong!! Don't vote for women clergy!! Be examples... to all your freinds at the pub on saturday night!!

Once,however,we say that girls should not work, we run into other situations like single parent families and economic stress and blah blah blah. I suppose I will have to save that for another time...

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


alright kristensdatter... nice name and good question. I was of the opinion that guys can use vulgar language when they are in the company of other (and only other) guys. When they are in the company of girls they should not use language becaues doing so is disrespectful to the girl. Perhaps that is where the gentleman part comes in? Did Mr. Darcy (don't be scared if you don't know who he is) joke around and use language with his buddies? Now another thing you mentioned (I know this because I know you hahaha...) is "what does the Bible say about it?" Honestly... I think I might have to leave this one to the muses. I regret to say that the Joe has no answers on this one. I should be sticking up another post soon so... stay tuned.
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