Saturday, January 29, 2005


alright! So my previous code of writing every day has failed... I am now depressed to once a week. No not depressed... disturbed... described... decomposed... diluted... disrespected.... aggh whatever. I'm not writing once a day. It turns out that its a bit less often than that. I'm breaking one of the essentials for a good blog, which... is writing alot. OK, I'm done with that.
Anyways, not much going on around here. I'm sick but thats besides the point. I've basically been sitting around doing nessicary school work and what not while trying to get better so I don't get a smackdown for not being at the concert. The choir is one of the main crowd getters of St. Andrews simply because there isn't any others around so bpeople don't get to see that kinda stuff often. Since I am one of the few tenors I kinda need to be there I think... because a. the tenors need all they can get and 2. cause Andrew would slug me if I wasn't there. Well... that took up a nice ammount of room... but now its time for me to exit.
g.i. over and out

Thursday, January 20, 2005

another day in the life of.... G.I.

well hello there
So ok that sounded like a Mr. Rogers pull. Maybe I should do that you know? Maybe I should start a kids show. What bugged me about Mr. Rogers was that I could never figure out where the train went when it wen't into the wall. I mean all you saw was its tail end riding into darkness. Just left me puzzled thats what.
Anyways on with the show. Yesterday at lunch I set the school adizzy with smoke clouds and fumes. See the trick was that we had chili left over so we were gonna have it for lunch. Mom heated up lenas in the Faculty Microwave... alls fine. Then she heated up Charris's (who was staying with us)... alls fine. Note that Charris had an identical container to mine... thats the wierd part. Because when I stuck my container in to bee heated up... it started smoking. Actually I wasn't there but Mr. Foos was like jumping over chairs to get to the microwave. So yeah he got there, threw open the door and took a step back while the smoke covered the floor. Yeah it stunk bad... for like the rest of the day. But yeah after Mr. Bartel cooled off the bottom of the container I got handed it... while everyone else stood and giggled. Well ok so it wasn't suspended gigling. Just comments. But yeah... not my favourite experience. Afterwards though I was wondering if I shoulda like broke down laughing. But its past and gone... living on only in my noggin. And in years to come, when I am old I'll tell through what teeth I have left about my adventures at St. Andrews.
G.i. out

Thursday, January 13, 2005

You don't have to try that at home

ok umm... bout that last post. You don't have to do anything. I'm tellin all ya'll guys to go call another guy beautiful. In fact for your own safety I would recomend that you don't. I mean just cause I believe that guys can be called beautiful doesn't mean that I'm gonna run up to some guy and call him beautiful. I mean.. a. If I picked the wrong guy I'd get knocked up the head and 2.... somethin else might happen. Ok 'nuff said.
Hope you guys all checeked out mr. gnomes blog. If you haven't definatley do so 'cause he a pretty cool lil man. I mean don't call him lil to his face... I think that might offend him. Gotta scoot

Friday, January 07, 2005

Caution: class discussion involved (Beware all ye anti-literal floks.)

so we had an interesting discussion in Lit. class the other day. So we are going through the Iliad and we were talking about Achilles and how he was like the perfect model of the Greek hero. I mean, the Greek Hero is like the big, buff, courageous "dude" who cares so much about his immortality than anything else. Now when you hear immortality you kinda think of being a god. This is more like being remembered for all time. So yeah... for the greek hero you have to have love for yourself and love for your friends (sooo achilles is a little low on that one). So within this Greek Hero thing is handsomeness. Achilles was definatley the handsome guy. I mean if he lived today he would have to wear a mask or something. So we got talking about that and about male beauty. There is a point at which men too can be beautiful. See.. in our culture we tend to think of beauty as a feminine thing. For instance: if some guy calls another guy beautiful... the usual implication nowadays is that hes homosexual (i.e. gay). However, there is a point at which us guys just have to admit that another guy is drop dead beautiful. Guys might not like it much but it is the truth. Nice thing for guys: they seem to be aweful rare so we might not have to say it often. G.I. over and out
The Creator