Thursday, February 02, 2006

Thoughts on Tradition in the Church

Now, I don't really have time for a post, but this issue is bugging me so I thought that I'd get it out.

So I was in Nevada City a few weekends ago, and my uncle and aunt mentioned that there was a "mandala" exhibit at the "St. Joseph's Cultural Center". Now, for those of you who don't know what a mandala is, if you type in mandala on Miriam Webster's website, you will get "Hindu or Buddhist graphic symbol of the universe; specifically : a circle enclosing a square with a deity on each side". This was a sand drawing. The monks would take turns, bending over this 3' by 3' table, adding to this immensly intricate 2' by 2' design. It was incredible to say the least. And I can say that because I would last probably 3 minutes doing that kind of a job. But these monks had been going at it for weeks. And what would they do when they were finished? They would take it and blow it into the Yuba River. Thats buddhist philosophy for you.

Now, the issue is not how amazing this was, the issue is where it took place. They had set up camp in one of three interrelated structures. There is St. Patricks Roman Catholic Church, there is St. Mary's Parish School (which I might add has been around for over 150 years, quite impressive) and there is St. Joseph's Cultural Center. St. Joseph's Cultural Center, if I'm not mistaken, is the old church which they turned into an open venue when St. Patricks went up just across the street. What I don't get is why this Church, and so many other Churches around the country allow a religion, which is so contrary to Christianity, to come under their roof and advertise their religion. I know that we ought to be charitable, but doesn't this seem wrong? Is this just America?
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