Sunday, October 31, 2004

Church Conference..... huh...

with all these comments I figured I should have something new on my blog. Not much to say, weekend went by too quick. I was gone all day yesterday at a conference in Sacramento with my high school class. Pretty lame really. I had to leave early cause my dad was coming from San Francisco to Chico and he wanted to pick me up then, so I missed the last session. But sheesh.... the guy that we left after was fairly offensive. He shut down alot of stuff I believe in as an Anglican and totally called Roman Catholics apostate. But it was cool seeing Joel Belz, founder and producer of World Magazine, and I ate at Togos. Probably shouldn't put those on the same level huh? Togos is a cool place though... anyways... I'm glad hw was fairly low this weekend. Otherwise I woulda been swamped today. G.i. over and out

Monday, October 25, 2004

ok fine!

Somebody, that I do not know, comment on my stuff!


I have no idea what to say. I'm bored and tired but I have this urge that I need to write. Fight that urge joe..... anywho. I did nothin but hw and talk to girls this afternoon.... and I'm tired? yes. Don't do geometric proofs, they waste your time. Actually they're good for ya but they are way too time consuming and they make me think (oh boo hoo). Alright.... bed time.

Sunday, October 24, 2004


so.... what to say. Tomorrow is midterms and perhaps I'm not as stressed as I should be. Tomorrow is Bible and I studied... so I guess I shouldn't worry about nothin. Plus Mr. Foos has quized us so much on the stuff that I feel pretty confident. Anywho... must get goin. Later

Saturday, October 23, 2004


today was kinda a waste... heres the scoop. So you know, I was workin on my hw like a good student, turns out I only got geometry done today. That would be because it took me 4+ hours to do it. It's not like it was an excessive ammount of hw, I just ended up over working. See I read one of the problems wrong, which happened to be the instructions for the next half dozen. So I ended up taking 45 minutes to do proofs, whereas I was only supposed to take 10 and do diagrams or somethin. Sot that took a chunk out. Add that to the other proofs that I had to do that ended up taking more than they should've... and it wiped my brain out. I sure hope I get 'em mostly right. Luckily that was all I had save some studyin. Anywho, other than that it wasn't too bad. I got to work with computer stuff which actually ended up being semi relaxing. I gotta hit the sack... night folks.

Friday, October 22, 2004

friday October 22nd

hey all
so yeah... for those who don't know I go to a special school aka a prep school. I'm pretty sure anyone who will be reading this already knew that but hey, you never know. One of the good things about said school is that I only have a 4 day school week. So today I had no school. I sat around, did chores and worked on hw. Right now I'm talkin to eric. He seems like a pretty cool guy. Thanks to mandy for introducin me. Anywho I gotta get goin. Later crowd

Thursday, October 21, 2004


hey crowd
not much to talk about today. Just another school day. Same old stuff. I guess I'll go to bed... not yet. Its thursday. I don't have school tomorrow. Stay up... later.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Captains Log Stardate 102004

Yeah ok... you all know I'm not captain Kirk.... he's pretty cool though. Anywho, I talked to Ashlee yesterday and found out that I can call her, but not too much, but she can't call me... I think. Anywho, I guess all that the parentals were trying to stop was a romantic relation from starting. My opinion is that if anyone had asked us they would have found out that there wasn't any planned. At least I wasn't thinkin that... maybe she was. Anyways, its all cool now and I don't need to think of what to do as dramatically now. I was actually freaked out. That sounds stoopid but hey.... first experience like that. Alright... quit talkin about girls. Sorry, "girl" singular. Talked to Jaak yesterday too. I have decided that never again will I say that public schoolers get no hw. I mean, thats what I was thinking. Where I go I get tons of hw... or at least it seems like it. So I just figured public schoolers didn't. My bad. I'm actually not supposed to be on here so I guess I'll get off. Night world

Monday, October 18, 2004

hello all

today was pretty much just a normal day.... man what a boring way to start a paragraph. okokok. Anyways second day of blogging looks pretty good. Got a comment on yesterdays blog. Just a welcome from my good friend Jaak. Today it was way too cold in my opinion. The blazer didn't help much... I mean the thing is labled under jacket and it doesn't provide much warmth. Whatever. Umm... so I wrote a note to this Ashlee girl, and Charris wouldn't give it to her. Figures. I think shes ticked at her or something. Charris told me to give it to her myself. Like I see her alot... we'll just play this one by ear. G.I. over and out.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

me again

hello blog
today wasn't too bad. Seein as I don't know you very well blog, I don't want you to think that my life is bad. Quite the contrary. Just because I go to a prep school with 15 people doesn't make me a depressed teenage basket-case. In fact I have every cause for cheer. Except what happened today. So heres the scoop Blog. A feew weeks ago I was asked to Sadie Hawkins in a nearby town by a girl I meet earlier last summer. Anywho... shes adopted and she had only been up here a very short while before I met her. Funny thing... she knows my best friend. She used to go to school in another nearby town before she was adopted. Anyways, I said yes. But soon after I found out, since my parentals didn't know her, that I couldn't go with her. So I didn't tell her I couldn't go off the bat. I waited 2 weeks (she told me she was gonna be gone for a while) and basically I was scared. See she doesn't know too many people up here and I didn't want to leave her stranded. Anyways I was talkin to one of my class mates who happened to be this girls best buddy, and I told her about my issue. This other girl (Charris), told the girl who asked me (Ashlee) and I escaped. A few days later I got a note from Ashlee and she said she didn't hate me and blah blah blah. Basically she wasn't heart broken which was the last thing I wanted. I talked to her later on the phone. And then this 2 days ago I saw her when I had to do a school event. We talked and hung out etc. She called me again yesterday and we talked for a long while etc. Well she said that her foster parents (whom I had known before I met her) were overjoyed that she asked me and that I was so much better than the other guys from the highschool. So today there was a dance... just a social gathering including people from my church and friends and whatever... so she was there and I guess my parents talked with her parents... and her parents hadn't realized that I was only 14. So now... I have to write the note she asked me to write, call her cause she asked (I'll probably skip that step), and do something else. I'm not sure what yet. I'll write a note (duh). In this I'll talk about the predicament. Maybe that will work. Anyways, this got way too long. Night everyone.


Hello all and welcome to my site.
I suppose this would be the part where I add my thoughts. And that I will. Basically this is just a hey-how-ya-doin-I'm-alive-here so you guys can make fun... I mean comment on my thoughts. As you might have guessed, I am G.I. Anyways, talk to me.

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