Friday, February 29, 2008

Day 378 on the Island


So, in this frightfully exhausting evening of absolute social-nothingness, I took it upon myself to post a message to you, my charming and dedicated readers. I fully recognize that my ability socio-political critique is lacking, and I also recognize that I have been very bad about posting over the past few months. I further recognize that there was a funny something in my keyboard that made typing that 'v' very difficult. I am even further recognizing that Pandora has a terrible way of making all my beloved stations go caddy-wompass. In a mere hour of negligence on my part, my beloved Gnarls Barkley station has fallen into utter chaos.

But, enough of that. Rest assured in knowing that I am quite well, and still partially sane. Senior year is quickly passing by and I am well in the pursuit of my next home. For this, I bring you.... A POLL!

What University Should Joe Attend?
Drexel University
Seattle Pacific University
Seattle University
Villanova University
University of San Diego
Stanford University

Please realize that your responses will have little or no effect upon my decision to go to whatever college I choose, but I thought that it would be fun nonetheless. To this date I have only been accepted to Seattle Pacific University and Drexel, but go ahead and vote for other schools if you so desire.

With sappy farewells resembling those of Mike TV's,

The Creator